Your retirement analysis
As per the inputs given provided by you, you will need the corpus of ₹NaN at the time of your retirement. You can accumulate the corpus if you invest ₹NaN/month for years into investment products which gives returns NaN% per annum.

You can also start investing with lesser amount of ₹NaN/month and then increase your investment amount per month by % per year to accumulate the same corpus.
The entire retirement journey is divided into 2 parts - Accumulation and Withdrawal.
  • Investment refers to the total amount invested by an individual.
  • Returns are the profits earned on investments during the accumulation phase.
When transitioning to the withdrawal phase, it is assumed that the retirement corpus will be divided into separate products to account for higher risks associated with longer investment durations. Similarly, the corpus for retirement usage will be allocated to products with lower risks at retirement.
  • The retirement corpus depletes to zero around the individual's life expectancy (i.e., at the time of passing).
  • The inheritance corpus is passed on to the next generation.
Note:- The numbers in the graph are used as an example, and might not be relevant in your specific case.
Retirement Goal Report